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LIUM Project is a project carried out by LIUM Corporation, a company specializing in Blockchain. We're aiming to apply Blockchain technology to eliminate unnecessary intermediaries, and we're going to create a platform that's going to cover every deal in the world.

The future is the Internet of Things! The way things communicate is becoming important, and the simpler and faster way to handle things that are widely connected will be blockchain. We are confident that the LIUM platform applying blockchain technology can be a little more useful for businesses and individuals.

  • Compensation for accurate information, Penalties for fraudulent information

  • Cheaper commission fee than with intermediaries

  • Support various transaction services

  • Auto-structured Super Smart Contract

  • Protect personal informations through absolute blockchain security


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World without Intermediates

Blockchain technology to create a world where there is no need for intermediaries in the transaction process.

Minimize Customers' Inconvenience

By introducing blockchain technology to core functions required for existing brokerage services, LIUM aims to minimize the inconveniences that consumers have experienced.

Token Compensation

Sellers and consumers post accurate information to create a trustful trading environment. Provide virtual currency LIUM Token as compensation.

Global Service

Starting with Korea, we will expand our English-speaking service and make it available to consumers living abroad.

Real World Payment

You may use LIUM Token as a payment method and cash it through exchanges around the world.

Become World-class Company

LIUM Corporation will become a world-class company by succeeding in LIUM Project.


Who is LIUM for?

  • Companies that want to know the exact information of job seekers
  • Corporates that want reward for the time lost due to No Show jobseekers
  • Job seekers who want to know exactly what company they apply to
    • Real Estate & Used Car
  • Sellers who want to easily find the right buyer at the brokerage site without having to pay a high fee
  • Buyers who want to know accurate information about the accommodation or car they want to purchase
  • Buyers who want to avoid buying and selling fraud
  • E-Commerce
      Open Market
  • Merchants who don't want expensive advertising fees
    • Online Shops
  • Buyers looking to avoid selling fraud
  • Merchants who don't want high fees
  • Buyers and sellers seeking a fee for provision of personal information
    • Social Commerce
  • Sellers looking to effectively integrate social commerce with e-commerce
  • Buyers who want to see real-time fraudulent transaction information
  • life
  • Buyers who want accurate information about their destination
  • Companies that can't handle many travel itineraries
  • Sellers want accurate process through online platform
    • Food Delivery & Carpool
  • Drivers and passengers who want to be matched accurately for ridesharing without brokers
  • Buyers and sellers seeking a fee for provision of personal information
  • LIUM Platform

    LIUM Platform Structure

    The most important thing of information-based transaction services is provision of trustworthy information for both consumers and sellers. In terms of job searching services, information provided by corporation and job seekers in the resume should be accurate. And once the information is verified, LIUM Token is provided as compensation. Sellers wishing to operate with accurate information may set a price with LIUM Token for particular information, which will be recorded in the smart contract. If the product is purchased after confirming such information and recommending to an acquaintance, LIUM Token is also provided to the recommender as compensation.

    LIUM Token

    Use of LIUM Token


    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is the LIUM platform?
    LIUM is a Blockchain direct transaction service that does not require intermediaries and provides key functions for transactions such as payment services, escrow services, smart searching and matching, and super smart trade features.
    2. How do I use and receive the LIUM token?
    To use the LIUM service, use LIUM Token. LIUM tokens can be exchanged at a certain rate with LIUM Coins, which can be exchanged for cash through crypto currency exchanges in each country. The exchange of LIUM coins and tokens will switch directly from the electronic wallet provided by LIUM.
    3. What is the hallmark of LIUM compared to regular broker sites?
    (1) Accurate information: Compensation awarded for accurate provision of information. For fraudulent information, penalties are applied. All transaction details are recorded in the blocks.
    (2) Protection and Management of Personal Information: Absolute Blockchain security is applied to protect personal information. Individuals can select the scope of information disclosure.​
    (3) Convenient UI: With just a few clicks on PC or mobile, users can create the type of transaction service they wish.
    (4) Super Smart Contract: Without coding of the developers, smart contracts are automatically structured by the type of transactions
    (5) High processing speed: Fast processing speed is secured for convenient transactions.

    Hello, This is LIUM.
    Recently, numerous efforts have been found for smishing and hacking attempts at the accounts of our cryptocurrency investors.
    LIUM does not necessitate the requirement of personal information in any cases, such as the address of the cryptocurrency wallet, private key information, or information of the mnemonic.
    If one happens to request the need of your personal information (wallet address, private key, mnemonic etc.) by screening itself as LIUM’s official text message/ email/ event, we enquire that you consider it as a hacking attempt and do not provide them with any information.

    In addition, we advise that you change your e-mail and password for your LIUM wallet periodically, to not share the information of your private key or mnemonics with one another.
    Correspondingly, if we ask that you do not click on any suspicious URL. In the case of an e-mail, it is requested that you immediately delete the e-mail and check it with an anti-virus program (pill, Naver vaccine, etc.).
    Thank you for your cooperation.


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