Taihoon Kim


  • Ph.D in Public Administration, Sung Kyun Kwan University
  • FormerSecretary at the diagnosis center Ministry of Public Administration and Security Organization (5th Grade)
  • FormerResearcher at the Korea Policy Review
  • FormerVice Chairman of Free Korea Council
  • FormerChief of Staff of a Member of National Assembly, National Assembly
  • CurrentConsultant of Research and Research Advisory Committee

Hojoon Park


  • BA in Tourism Management, Kyunwon University
  • ROTC 33 (Lieutenant General)
  • FormerTeam Manager of Korea Marketing, Gravity Corp
  • FormerStaff at New Business Division Staff, SK C&C
  • FormerMarketing Director, Deck Story Corp.
  • FormerChief Marketing Officer, Block Chain Partners
  • FormerDirector, Korea Game Developer Association
  • CurrentCEO, Social Guru Corp.

Dongmyeong Shin


  • CEO, Production
  • FormerCEO, Seokyeong Corp.

Sangkil Hong


  • Dankook University Animal Resources Science dropout
  • FormerProducer and Development Director of Ragnarok, Gravity Corp
  • FormerGobiz Korea Development Executive Director
  • CurrentLIUM Team

Hyunmin Im

Domestic Marketing

  • BA in Business Administration, BAekseok University
  • FormerOnline Marketing, IMC Cube
  • CurrentLIUM Team

Luo BeiBei

Global Marketing

  • Bachelor of English Language and Literature at Shanghai University of Political Science and Law
  • Master of English Education at Korea University
  • FormerCounselor at Chuangzhi Overseas Co. Ltd.
  • FormerInterpreter and assistant at Spa Ceylon Korea
  • FormerSales and assistant at Banila Co.
  • CurrentLIUM Team

YeonJung Yeo

Contents Marketing

  • Bachelor in Russian of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies with a minor in international management
  • CurrentLIUM Team

Dong A Shin

Contents Marketing

  • Bachelor of Business Administration in International Hotel Management with Hospitality Entrepreneurship at Les Roches Bluche
  • Diploma in international hotel management at Les Roches Jinjiang
  • FormerManagement Trainee in Hilton Hongqiao
  • FormerManagement Trainee in Rooms Division Hongta hotel Shanghai, A Luxury collection
  • CurrentLIUM Team

YeHee Hong

Service Planning

  • BA in International Studies at Hanyang University
  • CurrentLIUM Team

Kapci Selen

Community Management

  • BA in English at Cheonnam National University International Studies
  • CurrentLIUM Team

Jihoon Shim


  • Web Developer
  • Web Back-End Development
  • Web Server Network Engineer

Minkyu Song


  • Platform Developer
  • Front-end Solution Development

JeongTae Park


  • Department of Information & Communication Engineering at Myong-Ji University
  • FormerCo-Founder, Jaem Developer Corp.
  • FormerResearch Team Lead, Bitrust
  • FormerResearch Director, Glosfer Corp.
  • FormerTeam Leader, GoldMining
  • FormerDeveloper, Francosy Corp.
  • FormerDeveloper, Edipse
  • CurrentDevelopment Team Leader, DOMINANT LAB

YoungSeuk Lee


  • FormerFront-end Developer, Bitrust
  • FormerFront-end Developer, IG LAB
  • FormerVanillaCoding BootCamp Tertiary Member
  • FormerResearcher, Clarus Korea Corp.
  • CurrentFront-end Development Team Leader, DOMINANT LAB

InYong Choi


  • Department of Computer Science at Myong-Ji University
  • FormerBITHUMB EXCHANGE Development Team, BTC KOREA.COM Corp.
  • FormerIT Headquarters Development Team, S COIN Corp.
  • FormerDevelopment Team, KOIWARE Corp.
  • CurrentDevelopment Team, DOMINANT LAB