LIUM Wallet-Manuals for iPhone Users

Hello, this is LIUM Manager,

Currently, LIUM Wallet is not registered on the Apple App Store

Therefore, if you use the iPhones, please refer to the user manual below

LIUM Wallet Usage Manual for Apple Users

1. Open the Internet browser by clicking the SAFARI icon on the iPhone main screen

1-1. Type liumwallet.com in browser search box

2. Enter liumwallet.com and go to the LIUM Wallet homepage

3. If you are a new member, click Member Registration> button to register

4. Enter your name and e-mail, and click on the button

5. If you see the message 'Your verification number has been sent by email,' enter

the inbox of the address you entered and verify the verification number

6. Enter the authentication number and click the button to complete the e-mail authentication

7. Enter your password in the and fields

8. Set the to be used when making withdrawals from your wallet

9. Read the usage conditions, check the consent box, and click the [Create electronic wallet] button

10. When the window appears, press the button

11. The following is the SEED confirmation screen

Seeds are necessary to recover your wallet, so remember them. Please never share with others

Press the button in the bottom center to copy your own seed

12. Once the seed is copied, click the Close button, then click the Go to Maine button

to go to the main screen

12-1. Main page-> button will copy your wallet address

* Language change: Click on the menu at the top left of the screen and select the required language

* Coin Transfer: Click button on the main screen-> Input Sending Address, Coin Quantity,

withdrawal Password and click button

You can inquire the coin transmission details by entering details

* Coin Deposit: Click on the main screen, scan the QR code on the screen, and then click

Add to LIUM Wallet home screen for Apple Users

1. Access liumwallet.com homepage and click on 'Square + arrow' button at the

bottom of the web page

2. Click the tab

3. Press the button

4. After adding to the home screen, click the icon to open LIUM wallet immediately


Posted on 2019-10-21 11:08:24